SNSD @ J.ESTINA Fansigning Event Pictures

On December 4th, fashion brand J.Estina held a fan-signing event with SNSD at the company’s main branch inside the Lotte Shopping Mall in Seoul.

The fan-signing with all nine members was an exclusive event, open only to customers who purchased handbags and other fancy goods between November 25th and November 30th. These customers in turn were selected from a random lottery drawing.

According to J.Estina representatives, ever since SNSD began endorsing their brand, SNSD-associated products (such as the YoonA backpack and the Seohyun bag) have been selling so well that they had to take reservation orders to supply the demand. The fan-signing was arranged as a way of saying thanks for the overwhelming support that the brand received from its customers.

Check out the photos from the event below:

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