Soo young and Yuri @ Gag Concert

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Yuri and Soo young reveal comedic skills on ‘Gag Concert’

SNSD‘s Yuri and Sooyoung made a surprising appearence in ‘Gag Concert‘.

Yuri and Sooyoung appeared in the ‘Sensibility’ segment of KBS‘s ‘Gag Concert’ revealing surprising comedy skills. The girls were also noted for their S-lines shown with their qipao costumes

In this episode’s broadcast, Yuri and Sooyoung infiltrated the show as princesses. Yuri stated, “After promising to marry me 7 years ago, but leaving secretly, I have come to find my husband” and immediately went to hit Kim Young Min‘s cheek.

The two girls also showed off their dance moves with a martial art version of their hit song, “Run Devil Run” and taking the “Hoot” pose of an archer. They also showed off their ‘crab dance’ from “Gee“.

Lastly, Sooyoung appeared in the ‘Thankful’ segment of the show with Song Byung Chul and Jung Tae Ho.

Hyo yeon says showing aegyo is her biggest challenge as an idol

SNSD‘s Hyoyeon revealed that showing aegyo was the most difficult part about being an idol for her.

On November 26th’s episode of ‘Invincible Youth 2‘, the girls of G8 discussed their stress factors in a small talk show led by maknaes Suzy and Jiyoung.

Hyoyeon confessed, “It’s really hard for me to pretend. I get really embarrassed when I have to pretend to be cute and pretty. I am really easygoing. As part of SNSD, it’s hard to be easygoing.”

She continued, “The other members are good at aegyo. When we monitor our performances, the ones who show aegyo get on camera the most. I try really hard to do it, but I can’t because it tickles my heart. I can act really suave and cool, but acting pretty and cute still tickles my heart.”

Second episode of ‘Introducing the 9 distinct colors of SNSD’ revealed

On November 24th, KBS 2TV ‘Star Life Theater‘ aired and featured the second episode of ‘Introducing the 9 distinct colors of SNSD‘, discussing the ladies’ past and future plans while revealing what their everyday lives are like.

In response to a question about SNSD’s future dreams, Taeyeon remarked, “We want to continue being SNSD“.  The idol continued, “This is normal, but when people think of SNSD, we hope that we will be remembered in a positive light“.

The documentary also showed the girl group’s past moments where viewers could directly see the difference between then and now.  Four years ago, SNSD were young girls who went to High School with light make-up.  Now they have matured into world class idols, befitting the title, “Asia’s number one girl group”.

Tiffany @ Reborn Concert

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SNSD @ Reborn Concert Performance Pictures (2)

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SNSD Hat Trick on M! Countdown

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Seo hyun @ Reborn Concert

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SNSD @ Reborn Concert Performance Pictures

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[EXCLUSIVE] Photos from the SMTOWN family’s trip to New York for ‘SMTOWN LIVE NYC’!

Last month, the SMTOWN family went all out by taking New York’s celebrated venue, Madison Square Garden, by storm for ‘SMTOWN LIVE NYC’.

Though the show is over, the performances and overall experience have left lasting impressions on everyone who attended. To relive these special memories, allkpop has a large batch of exclusive photos documenting the SMTOWN family’s trip to Manhattan, from their arrival at the airport all the way to the stage.

Check out SMTOWN NYC gallery below!

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Star Life Theater 'healthy beauty' Yuri capture

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SNSD @ SPAO Fansigning Event Picture

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Tiffany @ Instyle Magazine December 2011 Issue Picture

SNSD Vita 500 AR unpublished photos (Hyoyeon and Tiffany)

Tiffany @ ''Fame'' 1P (Shock Version)

Jessica and Krystal Selca Picture

SNSD @ J.ESTINA Event Promotion Poster

Winners from the ’2011 Melon Music Awards’

K-Pop stars flocked to the Seoul Olympic Park Stadium on November 24th to attend the ‘2011 Melon Music Awards‘.

The awards show, which began in 2009 and is now entering its 3rd year, established itself as one of the big four music awards ceremonies in South Korea, alongside the Mnet Asian Music Awards, Golden Disk Awards, and Seoul Music Awards.

Hosted by Super Junior’s Leeteuk, actress Park Shin Hye and B2ST‘s Doojoon, the awards ceremony is famed for calculating ONLY digital sales (80%) and online votes (20%) on; the final tally of those two factors will produce the winners in the various categories.

Check out the list of winners from this year’s show below!


? 2011 Artist (Daesang)

- B2ST

? 2011 Album (Daesang)

- 2NE1 (’2NE1 2nd mini-album’)

? 2011 SK Planet Best Song (Daesang)

- IU (“Good Day”)

? 2011 Top 10 Artists

2NE1 | f(x) | Leessang | Park Jung Hyun | B2ST
Big Bang | Super Junior | SECRET | SISTAR | IU

? 2011 Best New Artist

- Huh Gak

? 2011 Global Artist


? 2011 Netizen Popularity Battle

- Super Junior

? 2011 Hot Trend

- ‘Infinity Challenge’: ‘West Coast Highway Song Festival’ project album

? 2011 MBC Music Star Award

- Baek Ji Young

? 2011 OST

- Sunny Hill’s Jubee (“Pit-a-Pat” from ‘The Greatest Love’ OST)

? 2011 Rap/Hip Hop


? 2011 R&B/Ballad

- Kim Bum Soo

? 2011 Rock


? 2011 Music Video

- T-ara (“Roly-Poly”) directed by Cha Eun Taek

? 2011 Song Writer

- Jun Hye Sung (Davichi’s “Don’t Say Goodbye”, Baek Ji Young’s “That Woman”)

? 2011 Performing Arts Award

- Lee Seung Hwan


Congratulations to all of the winners!

So, what did you think of the results of the Melon Music Awards this year? Tell us your thoughts on the winners below.

SNSD members devour snacks and talk about their eating habits

On the November 23rd airing of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Star Life Theater – SNSD‘, the dressing room of the SNSD ladies were revealed for their fans to see.

The members were seen busily preparing themselves to go on stage for a music program. The girls who have recently been photographed exhausted and drained due to their busy schedule were more than ecstatic when they saw their staff bring snacks into the room.

In an instant, a buffet table was spread out for the members to feast on. The girls had copious amounts of ddukbokki, fried foods, kimbap, chips, beverages, and the like.

“We are always eating. We need to eat to survive“, Tiffany remarked with a laugh. Seohyun added by saying, “We definitely eat more than three meals a day“.

“We probably eat something like five meals a day“, Tiffany said, surprising the ‘Life Theater’ staff members.

When asked if they go on diets regularly, Tiffany responded, “We don’t diet. I mean we do sometimes, but it’s just to maintain our figures“. Hyoyeon added, “If we gain a little weight, we diet, and if not, we eat“.

This episode especially garnered attention as Tiffany recently began starring in musicals while Hyoyeon and Sunny have been making appearances on variety programs more regularly.

SNSD to December 4 signing and will meet 400 fans

Girl group SNSD will hold a signing event on December 4.

SNSD members, who are currently working as representatives for the jewelry brand, J.ESTINA, will hold a signing event on December 4 at 6:30 p.m. at the main Lotte department store in Seoul.

The event is for customers who buy purses or other sundries from November 25 to 30. The customers have to sign up for an online membership and write the name of their favorite SNSD member. Then J.ESTINA will announce 400 people on their shopping mall on December 2.

A spokesperson for the brand says, “After SNSD promoted our bag, people called it an SNSD bag and it became very popular. To thank the customers, we decided to hold the event.”

SNSD wins K-Chart + Performances from November 25th’s ‘Music Bank’

‘Music Bank’ is back with another fun and exciting show that was chock-full of amazing performances!

Besides the usual stages on tonight’s show, A Pink made their comeback while New.F.O delivered their debut performance.

As for the winners, SNSD faced off against Wonder Girls for this week’s K-Chart, but in the end, it was SNSD who clinched the ‘K-Chart’ win.

Congratulations, SNSD!

SNSD This week’s ranking on Music Bank for November 25, 2011

SNSD’s “The Boys” ranked first on this week’s Music Bank once more for the last week.

Wonder Girls “Be My Baby” was nominated for second.

Super Junior Shindong and Wonder Girls’ Sunye and Sohee were today’s special MCs.

This week’s casts were New F.O, Crispi Crunch, Park Sovin, Double A, Wink, Electroboyz, LED Apple, A-ble, Beige, B1A4, Lee Ji Hye, M.I.B, J-Cera, MYNAME, A pink, TRAX, Tim, NORAZO, Seo In Young, Noel, George Han Kim, T-ara, Son Ho Young, Wonder Girls and SNSD.

SNSD @ Straits Time Article Scans HD

Sunny and Hyoyeon @ Invincible Youth Official Picture

Sunny becomes popular for her mature characteristic through Life Documentary of Stars

SNSD’s Sunny draws attention with her mature personality.

Recent episode of KBS 2’s Life Documentary of Stars-SNSD, which aired on the 23rd of November, showed what SNSD looks like off-stage.

Each member’s new side was broadcasted. In particular, Sunny drew attention with her professional side as an entertainer.

Sunny appeared in the shooting for Invincible Youth 2 which began at the dawn. Then, she proceeded with the interview. She said, “I’ve appeared in its first season, and I guess I’m going through the same process of adjusting myself to a new environment. The show is fun and rewarding as I learn how to live in a social life and get along with others.”

“I think the cast needs to follow the show. It finally hit me after four years. It’s more important to know what the program is about rather than knowing yourself. Well, I know I’m not good at this. I should make it more fun when I get up there, you know.”

In the episode that aired on the 24th of November, Sunny also drew attention by saying, “I should be responsible for the love that I’ve been receiving, keep this job, and never give it up. I should be able to give back as much as I can,” revealing her mature character over her life in entertainment business as well as showing her will to repay her fans’ love.

SNSD Wins Global Artist Award at 2011 MelOn Music Awards

Girls’ Generation has won the Global Artist Award at 2011 MelOn Music Awards.

On November 24, 2011, the 2011 MelOn Music Awards was held in the Seoul Olympic Stadium. The Global Artist Award is given to the group who has the most popularity in Korea and also overseas. Unfortunately, the nine girls couldn’t attend this award ceremony due to their conflicting schedule.

Through a VCR, Girls’ Generation expressed their gratefulness upon receiving the award. Sunny said, “I should’ve delivered my thanks personally, so I’m sorry that I couldn’t attend. I’m happy because we’re receiving an award at the year’s end and it feels like we’re concluding on a high note. I’m proud that K-Pop is spreading into the world. I hope that people will continue to love Girls’ Generation a lot.”

International fans were delighted by the news. This was shown when “Global Artist” suddenly trended worldwide on Twitter.

Sooyoung and Tiffany @ Vogue Magazine November Issue Scans HD


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