SNSD tops K-pop sales chart and search ranking in Japan!

On December 5th, Japan’s Tower Records revealed the rankings of the yearly sales chart of albums and singles, calculated from the beginning of the year to November 30th. However, the exact sales amount were not revealed.
Girls’ Generation’s first Japanese album ‘Girls’ Generation’ came in 1st on the ’2011 K-pop Sales Ranking’, as well as 4th with their latest Korean album ‘The Boys’.
Second and third places in the ’2011 K-pop Sales Ranking’ by Tower Records go to Super Junior’s ‘Mr. Simple’ and Kara’s ‘Girls’ Talk’ respectively.
Besides that, Girls’ Generation also came in 5th in the overall search ranking by Japanese website BIGLOBE.
The website compiled the top search keywords in Japan in 2011 and the results were revealed on December 5th.
Many occurences of the year, including earthquakes and typhoons, were seen on the list and surprisingly, many Hallyu stars also made the list.
On the overall ranking, Girls’ Generation came in 4th while Kara ranked 8th. On the overall female celebrity ranking, Girls’ Generation took the top spot, followed by Kara.
Meanwhile, Jang Geunsuk and BEAST came in 1st and 5th on the overall male celebrity ranking and this showed the influence and popularity of K-pop in Japan.

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