Jessica and Hyoyeon reveal they almost got into a fight

SNSD‘s Jessica and Hyoyeon admitted that they almost got into a cat fight recently.

The girls guested on December 8th’s episode of Mnet‘s ’Beatles’ Code‘, where they shared some never-before-heard stories.

Hyoyeon began, “I fought with Jessica recently. I said something really harsh because I thought she wasn’t understanding me.”

Jessica added, “We were going at each other. Then, we cried and apologized. [But] we almost got into an actual fist fight.” “I really almost hit her,” Hyoyeon said.

Fellow member Tiffany confirmed the intensity of the spat, as she explained, “They were both really scary. We were trying to hold Hyoyeon back.”

Jessica picked up the thread of the story and continued, “We slammed our room doors. We were building up our anger [separately] inside and when we came back out, we almost fought.”

The girls assured in the end, “It wasn’t something to seriously fight over. We apologized to each other while crying.”

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