Jessica and Hyoyeon almost had a fist fight

On the episode of Mnet’s Beatles Code that aired on December 8, SNSD appeared and talked about a time when Jessica and Hyoyeon almost had their fist fight.

Hyoyeon said, “I have fought with Taeyeon and Sooyoung before. Recently, I fought with Jessica. I said some rough things to her. I was angry because she didn’t seem to understand what I said.”

Jessica explained, “We ran up to each other and ended up crying. I think we almost meant to fight with our fists.”

Other members who didn’t know about the situation were surprised and said, “Why do you guys fight when we’re not with you?” Hyoyeon gave a good laugh by saying, “I almost hit her.”

Tiffany who had been watching the fight said, “It was really scary. I held Hyoyeon back from behind.” and thought back to that time.

Jessica and Hyoyeon revealed, “We both went to our own rooms slamming our doors. We came out so pissed. We were going to fight but ended up crying and apologizing to each other.”

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