Yoona models for cosmetic brand Innisfree

Curious to know how SNSD‘s Yoona maintains her baby-like skin?

Cosmetic brand Innisfree is currently advertising their new ‘honey serum’, using Yoona as their newest model/spokesperson. The photos from her newest photo shoot display just how flawless Yoona’s skin is, despite the extremely hectic and busy schedule she maintains.

Yoona personally started using the serum weeks before the actual photo shoot, and an insider informed that the singer arrived an hour early to her shoot to carefully apply the serum on her face.

A representative from the brand remarked, “There’s practically no reason to alter her photos because her skin is absolutely amazing.”

All-natural cosmetic brand Innisfree officially launched the promotions for their new honey serum just in time for the autumn season, when women tend to complain about their dry skin. The serum is made with a honey that is produced in Jeju Island, and can only be harvested once a year in April. More than 40% of this serum is this valuable honey and it helps give the skin moisture as well as elasticity. The serum collects the water in the skin to give the skin a healthy glow, and moisturizes even the driest of skin without giving it an overly-greasy feel.

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