SNSD members assist Lee Seung Gi on ’1N2D’

SNSD made a surprise appearance on the latest episode of ‘1N2D‘.

KBS 2TV‘s ‘Happy Sunday‘ aired a special ’1N2D – Photographer’s Special’, in which the cast members were assigned a mission to capture the essential, unique moments with photographs. Lee Seung Gi was given a mission to capture a rainbow in a photo, but unfortunately for him, there was no rainbow to be found.

Hearing that spraying water in an area with a lot of good lighting would get him the same results, he headed for the set of KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’.

Upon arriving, the singer, who is close with the SNSD girls, headed straight for their dressing room to get some help completing his mission.

The girls were eager to be of assistance, and Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Yuri stepped out to help him spray water near the spotlights in order to create a rainbow.

Their efforts paid off, as they were able to create not one, but two rainbows which were captured on Seung Gi’s camera.

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