Sunny says, “I prefer crock to kimchi fridge, caldron to rice cooker”

SNSD’s Sunny is currently drawing a lot of attention with her praiseworthy statement.

Sunny, who is appearing on Invincible Youth 2, recently shot the show with the other G8 members, Lee Soo Geun, Ji Hyun Woo, and Boom. They talked about how will they celebrate for building their house. They talked about who will they invite, what kind of home appliances they need.

G8 members said that they want to have new fancy appliances such as, 3-D television, refrigerator, kimchi fridge, robot cleaner, and rice cooker. Sunny, however, said, “We can use Korean traditional crock instead of kimchi fridge and we can cook delicious rice with caldron instead of rice cooker.”

She added, “And we should listen to each member’s story rather than watching TV.” Her commendable statement proved that she is a perfect president of the show.

G8 members and the other cast members admired at her statement and praised her a lot.

The show will air on December 3 at 11:05 p.m.

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