SNSD votes Yoona as the member who eats the most

The SNSD members selected Yoona as the member who eats the most.

SNSD was on set to film the December 8th episode of Mnet’s Beatles Code, and when the girls were asked who of the nine members ate the most, all 8 of them looked towards member Yoona.

“Sooyoung and Yoona prefer Korean food, but Yoona especially eats really well. She really likes the complete traditional spread of various Korean dishes,” they explained.

“We eat a lot of the foods we enjoy, but we don’t eat a lot of the stuff we don’t like. We’re just like anyone else. It’s not that we don’t gain weight even if we eat a lot. That is, except Sooyoung and Yoona. They don’t seem to gain a lot of weight no matter how much they eat. Not only does Yoona not gain weight, she never even swells or gets puffy,” they added, which caused everyone on set to explode in laughter.

Meanwhile, member Yuri also shared stories in regards to her swimming talent.

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