SNSD sets a record for 2011 with 6 consecutive wins on ‘Music Bank’

Earlier this week, SNSD achieved 6 consecutive wins on KBS’s ‘Music Bank’, which allowed them to take 1st place for the highest amount of consecutive wins this year.

With their latest win, the group edged out the record of fellow SM Entertainment labelmates, Super Junior, who achieved 5 consecutive wins with “Mr. Simple” this year.

The girls stated through their agency on December 5th, “We’re happy that we were able to receive love for such a long time with ‘The Boys’, through which we’ve shown you a new side [to our image].”

They continued, “We want to thank you once again… We will work hard on our promotions until the end of the year and show you a variety of performances.”

SNSD has been receiving much love with the release of their 3rd official album in October, dominating the music charts as well as all major music programs.

In related news, the girls will be continuing Korean promotions with their follow-up track “Mr. Taxi” until the end of December.

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