SNSD fans celebrate Yuri’s birthday with a newspaper ad

On December 5th, SNSD‘s fan cafe ‘Sisters‘ released an advertisement in a weekly sports newspaper celebrating the 23rd birthday of SNSD member Kwon Yuri, who was born on December 5th, 1989.

The large-scale ad shocked netizens everywhere, as it was simply to announce Yuri’s birthday.

The fans sent a message to Yuri in the ad saying, “All of us are praying that our beloved SNSD member Yuri will forever be healthy and happy. Happy Birthday Yuri.”

Netizens who saw the advertisement remarked, “Happy Birthday Yuri“, “Advertisement for her birthday?”, “SNSD fans are something else“, and “SNSD is on a different scale“.

In related news, Yuri and the rest of SNSD are planning to kick off their promotions for follow up track, “Mr. Taxi“.

Happy Birthday to Yuri!

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