Siwon resembles Buzz from Toy Story It’s Buzz’s friend Sizz!

Super Junior’s Siwon changed into the robot character Buzz from Toy Story.

On December 7 around 12 pm, Siwon uploaded a funny picture on his Twitter account with a comment, “This picture made me laugh a lot. It’s really cold nowadays that it feels like our bodies and hearts are all going to be frozen! I hope you check this out and feel better even for a moment. It’s Buzz’s friend Sizz!”

In the picture, Buzz wearing a spacesuit is edited with Siwon’s face. It provokes a laugh as it doesn’t seem awkward at all compared to the original Buzz character.

His fans responded: “How can it be so natural like this? I laughed a lot,” “It looks good on you, Siwon,” “You’ve got a sense of humor, Siwon. I laughed a lot, too.”

Super Junior was recently awarded The Best Album of the Year from the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards, which took place in Singapore Indoor Stadium on November 29.

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