MAMA 2011 Singapore Super Junior’s ‘Hat Trick’ Award Receiver

Once again, the joint effort of Viz Pro International, a representative from Singapore and CJ Media with Mnet Korea ended successfully for the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). Over six hours of live streaming from the red carpet event to the main awards ceremony was held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, 29 November 2011. One of the hottest nominees and for the loudest cheers, Super Juniorreceived three awards, making it a hat-trick in one go event:

Album of the Year: Mr. Simple

Best Male Group Award

Singapore’s Choice

The unbeatable 5-year-and-running boyband from SM Entertainment with at present 10 members for this activity, state that they would share these awards with their ELFs and their members who are not able to join them as they are serving the national service.

“We couldn’t have done it without our fans. We will always do our best because our fans deserves only the very best,” remarked Choi Si-Won, the member who is known to have tall, prince-like and handsome feature.

A few members who has Twitter has expressed their gratitude and happiness, tweeting their pictures with the MAMA trophy and giving a shoutout to their fans.

The MAMA 2011 show was also streamed live via the Chinese website for Chinese fans. Super Junior leader Lee Teuk commented on this that “fans all over the world has been with us and supports us no matter where they are. They grow everyday and that’s how we grow as well.” The band did their usual greeting in 4 different languages during their press conference: Korean, Chinese, English, and Japanese, showing how global they are today.

The specially presented for MAMA 2011 in Singapore was definitely the performance of  Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”, and 100 dancers, at the segment entitled “Mr. Simple Clone.” There were 100 boys and girls of Singapore through open calls to take part of this exciting stage, dancing to the famous song. “It was the idea from the Phillippines prison where they all danced to our song. And the additional input from the MAMA organizers and so we did it,” recalled Lee Teuk.

The boys who are veterans in the K-pop idol industry always have their hilarious tricks up to their sleeves, when members Shindong and Sungmin  grabbed the spotlight after everyone had the group shot, and in the end Shindong was left, making a peace sign. They were amicable and their natural ability to make everyone be in good mood certainly creates the different colors of the 10 members of Super Junior.

“We are sorry to all the press that cannot ask the questions today as we don’t have all the time, please send the questions to our Twitter,” remarked Eun-hyuk, which caused laughter among the media and press present.

Check out the exclusive picture of the boys below! Congratulations to them once again!

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