SNSD and Kara also appeal to Japanese karaoke-goers

Japan’s leading karaoke business announced on Dec. 1 that Kara’s “Mister” and SNSD’s “Gee” ranked second and third on the annual favorite song chart for karaoke.

As of end-November of this year, the two Korean popular groups took the high positions right following “Heavy Rotation” of AKB48, the most popular Japanese girl group that has held the top for two consecutive years.

The karaoke’s favorite song chart is a good indicator that reflects public preference. That’s why the achievement made by Kara and SNSD is very meaningful. Japanese media reported that K-pop advanced by leaps and bounds amid the craze for idol groups.

Attractive melodies and easy-to-follow dance moves are pointed out as the key secret for the high popularity of the two girl groups. Kara’s “hip dance” has contributed to the huge success of “Mister” among Japanese music fans.

SNSD and Kara were invited to the NHK Red & White Music Festival for the first time this year.

The NHK Red & White Year-End Music Festival is a renowned Japanese music show in which the most loved fifty singers are invited to be divided into two teams for a singing competition.

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