A hidden picture of Taeyeon in INFINITE’s accommodation

INFINITE’s love for Taeyeon was proved.

INFINITE’s accommodation was aired on Saturday Freedom – Family Ties on November 19.

A comedian, Shin Bong Sun, attacked INFINITE’s accommodation and showed their life in accommodation.

A picture attracted Netizens’ attention. a double-deck bed was showed behind Shin Bong Sun and there was a picture of SNSD’s Taeyeon between a bed and a mat.

After the program, Netizens found the same picture of Taeyeon and INFINITE’s love for her was proved.

Netizens said, “INFINITE’s love for Taeyeon is unusual.” “Whose bed is it?” “I heard that Taeyeon likes INFINITE, too.”

Taeyeon said that she keeps an eye on INFINITE these days on Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time on November 7.

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