Sooyoung’s mom thinks her daughter has weird taste in men

SNSD member Sooyoung revealed her unique taste in men.

On the December 15th episode of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code‘, the girls of SNSD revealed their ideal types.

Sooyoung admitted that she is attracted to down-to-earth guys who are friendly and approachable, and also that her mother can never seem to understand her attraction to the guys she likes.

“There was one time I went to go eat, and there was a guy who was actively grilling meat for all the Japanese tourists, speaking to them in his broken Japanese. I told my mom that I thought he was attractive, and my mom told me she couldn’t seem to understand,” Sooyoung said.

“There was another time where I saw a policeman directing traffic across the street, and he was working really hard. I told my mom that I thought he was attractive too.”

The MCs who listened to Sooyoung describe her ideal type remarked, “I guess you need a guy who can grill meat while directing traffic,” which caused the set to explode in laughter.

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